Who We Are

The Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community look to MITRE's National Security Engineering Center (NSEC) for technical leadership and systems engineering expertise.

The people who implement our national defense and intelligence strategies rely on fast-moving information, accurate data collection, and wide-ranging communications to achieve their objectives.

MITRE has worked as the government's partner for more than 50 years, contributing systems engineering, analysis, and acquisition guidance to critical programs. As an operator of FFRDCs, we don't manufacture products or compete with industry. We help the government make choices based on objective technical assessments, mission requirements, and budgetary constraints. We also transfer any prototypes or system improvements our own staff develops either directly to our sponsors or to commercial companies for production.

We have long supported enduring technologies such as AWACS, the airborne warning and control system that the United States and our allies rely upon daily. And we're at the forefront of new technologies, developing software for the lighter, faster communications devices today's warfighters need.

In addition, we have taken a leading role to help the government defend our nation's computer networks from cyber-attacks. This work requires that we balance the urgent need for improved systems, tools, and approaches with the limitations of shrinking budgets.

We Work Side by Side with our Sponsors

At locations around the world, NSEC supports a broad base of customers within the DoD and Intelligence Community. These organizations include all branches of the armed services, the Defense Information Systems Agency, and the offices of the Joint Chiefs of the Staff and the Secretary of Defense.

These goals guide our work:

  • Dramatic performance improvements
  • Reduced system costs
  • Accelerated delivery to the field

MITRE's efforts on behalf of our customers have given us a deep understanding of their operations and missions as well as the systems and capabilities required to execute them. With a staff of professionals versed in engineering, information technology, cognitive sciences, and a variety of other specialties, we work with an eye toward addressing current and future challenges.

NSEC Mission

NSEC provides holistic systems engineering to advance the government's national security objectives. Working across the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and their mission partners, NSEC provides impartial and independent systems thinking and technical expertise to underpin key decisions with scientific, engineering, and analytical rigor.

Engineering to Enhance National Security