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MITRE's National Security Sector established its Center for Technology & National Security to advance research and analysis and develop viable pathways to rapidly exploit emerging technologies. The Center shares insights with key stakeholders to strengthen our national security and provide our military strategic advantage against competitors and adversaries.

Building on MITRE's 60 years of leading-edge experience in systems engineering, experimentation, and modeling and simulation, the Center provides thought leadership on how our nation's defense and intelligence agencies can accelerate innovation in an era of rapid technological change.

An increasingly complex global security environment characterized by strategic competition between nations means the United States is in a race to develop and integrate cutting-edge technologies before its competitors and adversaries. That means defense and intelligence agencies need to move much faster to keep pace with—and stay ahead of—advances in the commercial world.

With MITRE's conflict-free, not-for-profit status and objective insights, the Center brings together decision makers and stakeholders from government, academia, industry, media, and policy institutes to generate informed and viable solutions to our most complex national security challenges.

(Video) The Honorable Bob Work, MITRE Senior Visiting Fellow, on how Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) and University Affiliated Research Centers (UARCs) are uniquely positioned to help government approach new challenges.

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Center for Technology & National Security

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