Building a Foundation for the Future

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Initiatives

To remain competitive globally, our nation faces challenges that are both deep and broad. First, an ever-changing technology environment means we need a deep bench of talent with relevant skills. At the same time, we need a broad understanding that diversity acts as a force-multiplier for ideas and creativity. Unless we take positive steps to address these challenges, we risk falling behind.

That's why MITRE is deeply committed to advancing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education in the United States. We believe increasing the number of people with STEM expertise will help our nation maintain its position as the world's innovation leader.

Inclusion and Diversity Efforts

We also know the best and most innovative solutions result when teams with diverse skills, experiences, and perspectives collaborate. Accordingly, we foster a culture of inclusion and diversity, both at MITRE and across the country.

We're proud that our efforts have received widespread recognition from many national organizations. But we're especially proud that MITRE is a place that provides a welcoming environment for our employees—and their ideas—to flourish.

Commitment to Ethics

As a company chartered to work in the public interest, we take our commitment to integrity seriously. That's why MITRE's Ethics and Compliance Program establishes standards of conduct and guides employees on their importance and application to their daily work.