Building Partnerships and Diversity, One Engineering Conference at a Time

MITRE recruiters

At MITRE, we believe in leveraging diversity and fostering an inclusive workforce to help the company tackle tough challenges facing our government sponsors.

This fall, recruiters from MITRE's Human Resources and employee volunteers represented MITRE at three conferences:

  • Society for Women Engineers (SWE) National Conference
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) National Conference
  • National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Regional Conference 

MITRE commits to building and strengthening partnerships with these organizations and identifying new partnerships that align with our commitment to inclusion and diversity.

"We continue to expand our outreach to recruit highly qualified, demanded, and underrepresented professionals," says MITRE's Inclusion and Diversity Manager Adrienne Thomas-Loftin. "By casting a wider net, we infuse our candidate pool with the diversity of experience and thought needed to foster the exceptional solutions our government sponsors have come to expect."

In addition to a career fair presence, MITRE employees take part in conference panel discussions, presentations, workshops, resume boot camps, and networking events.

SWE National Conference

Systems engineer Amy Fritz is one such employee. She has the dual role of MITRE champion and fiscal year 2018 Boston Section Vice President of SWE, whose global membership tops 42,000 engineers. Fritz, who attended the organization’s largest conference to date (with 14,764 attendees), said one of the biggest personal benefits is sharing stories that educate people about the wide range of work opportunities at federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs).

"We meet high-quality candidates and let them know that working for a not-for-profit doesn't mean losing opportunities to solve challenging technical problems or accepting less competitive compensation," she says.

Elizabeth Wong, a networking systems engineer and fiscal year 18 Section President for SWE San Diego, also attended the conference this fall. She said those she spoke to found MITRE's collaborative environment, "mission-value first" culture, and unique FFRDC characteristics attractive.

"From a career fair perspective, it's fantastic to meet collegiate and professional applicants and hear the excitement about applying their engineering education and experience," Wong says. "I enjoy recruiting for MITRE and telling others why it's such a great workplace—and the specifics about why I've been with the company for more than 20 years."

"It's terrific to see the talent available today and to bring in strong women engineers to our workplace and leadership pipeline," she adds.

SHPE National Conference

Veronica De La Cruz, a business operations analyst, attended her first SHPE conference, a national organization with 250 chapters and 10,000 members.

"Meeting with candidates face-to-face at these conferences is very important," she says. "It serves as a vital bridge to connect with people on another level."

At the career fair, De La Cruz said attendees seemed excited about the potential for professional growth at MITRE, with its internships, educational offerings, networking opportunities, and commitment to work-life balance.

NSBE Regional Conference

Enterprise architect Shane Patterson helped conduct an NSBE regional conference workshop in November on best practices in resume writing, market research, personal branding, and job interviewing techniques. NSBE has more than 500 chapters and over 16,000 members. It also has a long-standing history as the premier organization to be a part of if you're serious about your engineering future, as an African American.

Patterson says MITRE experienced immediate quantitative impacts after the conference. "Several highly qualified candidates accepted interviews at MITRE following the conference," he says.

MITRE College Recruiting Supervisor Angie Morris notes that after returning from a conference, the inclusion and diversity team works closely with the company's talent acquisition team to forward resumes of highly desired candidates to MITRE's recruiters and hiring managers.

—by Staci Lindblad