Culture of Knowledge Sharing

We are continually generating knowledge and discovering new solutions within the FFRDCs we operate, ongoing public-private partnerships, independent research, and academic engagements, we learn valuable lessons that we then apply to a range of related issues and problems.

Knowledge sharing has been a core value at MITRE since our beginning. Developing the Semi-Automated Ground Environment integrated defense system required a unique combination of military, operational, and technical knowledge and experience from government, industry and academia. Since then, MITRE has grown in scope and size and established offices across the country and on several continents. This greater complexity has only reinforced our commitment to making knowledge sharing an ingrained habit.  

From Knowledge Sharing to Knowledge Management

As a company grounded in systems engineering, we take an equally systematic approach to knowledge sharing that's called "knowledge management." KM involves integrated, process-oriented methods that promote rapid learning through knowledge creation and dissemination. Individuals learn from others' experiences with the goal of gaining insights and adding their own. Without such processes, companies run the risk of losing important knowledge over time and executing less efficiently – particularly for programs that last many years, as most government programs do.

MITRE's award-winning KM program also enables us to further our sponsors' missions by taking advantage of both internal resources and external expertise. To do this, we:

  • Foster knowledge exchange among individuals and groups, promote knowledge capture and reuse, and transfer knowledge collected over time to the people who need it most.
  • Support reach back—the ability of staff anywhere in MITRE to benefit from their colleagues' experiences on related challenges.
  • Develop innovative collaboration tools, such as our Handshake social networking platform and MITRE Partnership Network, which allow for secure collaboration on a large scale among our employees and their government, academic, and industry partners.

These are among the reasons our government partners trust us to retain the historical memory for ongoing programs.

Learn More and Contribute to the Knowledge-Sharing Conversation

As part of MITRE's public-interest mission, we are sharing our practices in developing our "knowledge driven enterprise" (KDE) so other companies can learn from our experiences. This multi-faceted strategy builds KM into all elements of an organization to support internal and external stakeholders.

We invite you to learn more about the MITRE KDE community by visiting the KDE website, access our papers and presentations, and share your own knowledge and experiences through our blog.