Mr. John A. Wilson

Vice President, Technical Centers, Center for Programs and Technology

John Wilson is vice president for the Technical Centers within MITRE's Center for Programs and Technology. In this role, Wilson applies his leadership skills and experience in software engineering, embedded systems, and information technologies (IT) to advance MITRE’s technical capabilities. Thirteen technical centers provide expertise and solutions across a range of disciplines, including cybersecurity, electronic systems, IT, software engineering, healthcare, and transportation.

Wilson, who initially joined MITRE in 1983, previously served as the technical director of the Information Technology and Software Engineering technical centers. He was also the technical director of the Net-Centric Division in the Center for National Security, leading the engineering support provided to transformational communications, network, and IT infrastructure programs for the U.S. Air Force and the Defense Department. He has led numerous independent technical assessments for MITRE’s most senior customers. These assessments have included programs ranging from military communications terminals to enterprise information systems.

Wilson has also worked in a variety of other roles at MITRE. He was responsible for establishing the Internet Technologies Department, with projects in extranets, streaming media, and intranet tools. His earlier work included software testbeds, biometric systems, and numerous communications and networking prototypes.

In addition to his experience at MITRE, Wilson was director of consulting technology for Kana Software, a customer relationship management company. He provided overall technical direction for Kana’s consulting team in deploying their software across a range of enterprises. This included establishing solution centers that focused on integration solution reuse. Clients ranged from Fortune 100 firms to high-profile internet companies.

Wilson is a member of the Gordon Institute's Industry Advisory Council at Tufts University. He has served as an advisor or faculty member at Boston University, Daniel Webster College, New Hampshire College, and the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Wilson has also published articles and presented papers for IEEE, AFCEA, ACM, ASNT, and other organizations.

Wilson received a bachelor's degree in computer science with a minor in philosophy from the University of New Hampshire and a master's degree in software engineering from the Wang Institute of Technology.