Chris Brossart

Managing Director, Healthcare Enterprise Modernization

As the Managing Director for Healthcare Enterprise Modernization, Christopher Brossart partners with federal healthcare department and agency leadership to bring MITRE’s capabilities to bear in meeting strategic objectives and providing impactful outcomes. To do so, he makes a point of understanding operational requirements, how the organization collaborates and works together, and how it communicates. He recognizes that many federal agencies with a healthcare mission, with their own stakeholders and culture, share a common goal—to decrease the cost and increase the quality of healthcare for all Americans.

As a member of the MITRE leadership team, Brossart has provided dozens of impactful strategic engagements across healthcare federal and state agencies. His career at MITRE focuses on reducing healthcare fraud, enhancing operational and organizational effectiveness, and deploying technology and using data to reduce healthcare burden and costs. As MITRE’s senior advisor on preventing healthcare fraud, waste, and abuse, he led the Healthcare Fraud Prevention Partnership, which brought together public and private organizations, including state officials, law enforcement, and private insurance plans, to share data and information. He also works extensively on advancing operational efficiencies. He has led multiple initiatives evaluating existing and proposed enterprise healthcare systems to support strategic objectives and the Affordable Care Act legislation.

Before joining MITRE, Brossart served as vice president, software development, for the investment management firm Campbell and Company, building a department for maintaining and implementing production systems in the financial industry. He also held the position of managing director at RDA Corporation, where he led an information technology organization that delivered technology solutions to Fortune 1000 businesses. Through his experience in the commercial sector, he has learned that diverse projects often share similar challenges when it comes to program implementation. Any solution must start with an understanding of these challenges and the culture in which they arise. He applies this perspective to projects in the federal healthcare sector.

Brossart earned a Bachelor of Science in computer and information science from the University of Maryland University College.