MITRE presents at ShmooCon

January 18, 2013
CND Tools: Post by Wesley Shields

The annual ShmooCon hacker convention will be held February 15-17, 2013 in Washington DC. CND tool developers and cyber defenders might be interested in three MITRE presentations:

  • Wesley Shields and Murad Khan will be presenting ChopShop: Busting the Gh0st. This talk will focus on many of the things we've been discussing in our on-going ChopShop posts, but we'll put them into the context of the Gh0st protocol. We'll also go into the finer technical details of ChopShop and make a case for wider community adoption.
  • Carson Zimmerman will be presenting Ten Strategies of a World-Class Computer Security Incident Response Team. If you're growing your CND environment, this talk can help you improve both organizationally and technically.
  • David Pisano will be presenting Identity-Based Internet Protocol (IBIP) Network. His talk will focus on the concepts and benefits of IBIP: reducing the attack surface and increasing network situational awareness. Emphasis will be on the IPv4 version of IBIP.

We've already heard from some in the CND community about their use of ChopShop. We're working on further improvements and new ways to present the decoded data. We want to continue to improve and help out module authors, so please engage with us to ensure that we are being as helpful as we can.

Please engage and have a conversation with us about any of our talks at ShmooCon. We want to hear your thoughts about these topics, or any topic related to security.

Hope to see you there.