2021 ASCEND Conference

Attend our technical and collaborative sessions and discuss how we might partner together on future endeavors to advance the safety of the space domain.

Nov 8 - 17, 2021
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See our Presentation Schedule and view videos from our presenters below.

Translating Space Cybersecurity Policy into Actionable Guidance for Space Vehicles

  • Brandon Bailey, The Aerospace Corporation
  • Gregory Falco, Johns Hopkins University
  • Nicholas Tsamis, MITRE

SISE (Space Information Sharing Ecosystems): Decentralized Space Information Sharing as a Key Enabler of Trust and the Preservation of Space

  • Nathaniel Dailey, MITRE
  • Harvey Reed, MITRE
  • Ruth Stilwell, Aerospace Policy Solutions, LLC
  • Brian Weeden, Secure World Foundation

Preserving Space Through Collaborative Decision Making by Space Operators

  • Andy Anderegg, MITRE
  • Elizabeth Blakney, MITRE
  • Jayson Lee, MITRE
  • Sean O'Neil, MITRE
  • Marilyn Ross, MITRE

Planning for Future Conjunctions

  • Tim Gruber, MITRE
  • Paul Hartman, MITRE
  • Patrick Savell, MITRE

Extending a Big Data Platform for Transportation to Space

  • Justin Wilson, MITRE
  • Marco Adelfio, MITRE
  • Van Hare, MITRE

Development of Cybersecurity Norms for Space Systems

  • Samuel Visner, MITRE
  • Peter Sharfman, MITRE