MITRE Engenuity Launches Open Generation Consortium to Drive 5G Innovation

November 10, 2020

MITRE Engenuity has created the Open Generation Consortium (Open Gen) to bring together organizations with competing interests to drive radical collaboration and breakthrough innovation with 5G technology. Open Gen will complement existing groups in the U.S. by testing 5G standards and use cases.

Members at launch include full members Ericsson, Nokia, and Verizon; startup members Altiostar, FIRST iZ, HUSH Aerospace, and Kittyhawk; academic members Northeastern University and Virginia Tech; and non-profit member CTIA – The Wireless Association.

Open Gen initially will focus on use cases related to operating 5G-equipped drones over the United States. Initial testing will take place on ranges owned by Virginia Tech using MITRE’s 5G testbed. At these ranges, the consortium can explore issues that could impede safe flight by preventing drones from reacting to obstacles and other vehicles in their path. The consortium plans to link together a national network of test ranges to address additional use cases in the future.

“Collaborating with this diverse group of members across industry and government will allow the consortium to accelerate the enterprise value of 5G solutions on real-world networks,” said Laurie Giandomenico, MITRE Engenuity’s chief acceleration officer. “Open Generation will speak with one technical voice, using clear-cut scientific evidence, and create opportunities for innovation in a low-cost, collaborative way.”

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