MITRE Takes Part in Virginia Governor's Initiative to Protect Cars from Cyber Attack

May 15, 2015

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe announced the Commonwealth of Virginia's public-private partnership to explore technologies to safeguard Virginia's citizens and public safety agencies from cybersecurity attacks targeting automobiles.

"High-tech systems now used in most automobiles are opening up potential new avenues for cyber attacks," Governor McAuliffe said in a press release issued May 15. "Thanks to the continuing efforts of the Virginia Cyber Security Commission and Virginia Cyber Security Partnership, we have the opportunity to lead the nation in the establishment of safeguards protecting the vehicles of Virginia's 5.8 million licensed drivers."

The Commission will establish a public-private working group with the Virginia State Police "to address the potential for cyber attacks on automobiles."

The effort is being coordinated with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology organization and the U.S. Department of Transportation's Volpe National Transportation Systems Center. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, the University of Virginia, The MITRE Corporation, and private-sector cybersecurity companies including Mission Secure Inc., Spectrum Comm, Kaprica Security, and Digital Bond Labs are additional partners.

MITRE has worked closely with government to strengthen our nation's cyber defenses for more than four decades.

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