The Hill: Duane Blackburn on Understanding Face Recognition

July 28, 2019
The Hill

Face recognition is a powerful tool—around access controls, terrorist identification, combatting child sex trafficking and underage pornography, and more. But, as with many emerging technologies, there’s also a potential to misuse face recognition, which could affect our civil liberties. How can we find a way to benefit from face recognition, while also ensuring that it’s not being misused? That’s easier said than done, and requires an accurate comprehension of its capabilities and potential issues. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misunderstanding within the nation’s current discourse.

Duane Blackburn, a MITRE Science & Technology Policy Analyst with substantial leadership history in face recognition, tackles a few of these difficult to understand topics—like the accuracy and “bias” of the technology. He also looks at finding a way forward that benefits and protects everyone.

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