Student Programs

Do you have a strong technical background and a desire to solve problems for a safer world through a career with real meaning? MITRE might have the right opportunity for you. Whether you're just starting your studies or about to graduate, we offer opportunities to test your skills and education. We let you apply your creativity, technical know-how, and dedication outside of the classroom, in the real world.

Want to improve the air traffic control system? Engineer advanced communications for the military? Improve the affordability and accessibility of healthcare? Develop countermeasures against cyber threats? These are just a few of the questions you'll have a chance to explore at MITRE.

Hear from People Like You

But don't just take our word for it. Hear directly from staff who first joined MITRE as interns, co-ops or recent grads. They all started out like you: eager to learn and expand their career horizons. You'll find their stories in our Student Voices collection.

Take the Next Step

Start your search by selecting a career level of entry level, co-op, or intern. Or submit your resume and cover letter at our Job Openings page. Please provide a cover letter detailing the kind of work you seek, the dates you will be available to work, and the location(s) where you would prefer to work.

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Follow the MITRE's Campus Recruiting Team on Twitter to keep up with our latest news. You can also chat with a MITRE recruiter online, email us at or contact a member of our team.

(Video) Intern Maya Concepcion talks about her work at MITRE as part of the NDCR corporate work study program.