From the weight of a soldier's gear to the simple-but-secure availability of electronic health records, advanced technologies affect every federal agency. We work to ensure our government partners have the right technologies for their complex challenges.

At MITRE, we can trace a direct path from our earliest days developing digital computing systems to today's research in mobile applications. Engineers, scientists, and analysts throughout the corporation bring this capability to assess, develop, and apply advanced technologies to myriad programs.

MITRE's Public-Interest Approach to Advanced Technologies

As the operator of multiple FFRDCs, we have a deep understanding of our sponsors' needs, history, and budgetary constraints. This combination of organizational and technical knowledge has yielded advances in areas as diverse as GPS, radar, aviation safety, and social networking. What these areas have in common is our commitment to share this technical expertise across our government sponsor base and, when practical, to make these advances available to the public through collaboration with industry and academia.

MITRE is making critical impact in numerous advanced technologies, all with the goal of making the world a safer place. We invite you to learn more.