Conducting a wide variety of research throughout the corporation enables us to solve some of our sponsors' biggest challenges. The result: You'll find many of our technologies in use today in a wide range of government operations.

We direct some of our research at one sponsor's specific problem, while other projects cover challenges experienced by many sponsors. We pursue near-term solutions, and we work on grand challenges that could take 5 to 10 years to solve. Our scientists and engineers explore areas in which the use of advanced and emerging technologies, or the creative use of current technology, can dramatically transform our sponsors' capabilities.

As the operator of FFRDCs, MITRE pursues innovation and research in all parts of the company. For example, we perform research through direct projects funded by government agencies to address specific needs. In addition, a large portion of our research occurs within our independent research and development (R&D) program. When MITRE was incorporated more than 50 years ago, the founders recognized the value of research that was separate from but aligned with our direct work for sponsors.

This separation enables us to look into the future and take calculated risks. For example, we encourage our researchers to identify possibly disruptive technologies and start exploring solutions to problems that are not yet well-defined. We strive to see sponsors' challenges in fundamentally new ways that inspire innovative and sometimes revolutionary solutions.

MITRE researchers:

  • Anticipate trends in technology and next-generation requirements and help sponsors adapt their programs for the future.
  • Develop prototype tools and methodologies, from bio wet-labs to sophisticated modeling and simulation environments, to support sponsor work.
  • Conduct R&D in more than 100 technical areas and share results broadly through publications and conferences.
  • Work closely with sponsors, using real data in experiments and bringing in real end-users to test our prototypes.
  • Collaborate with colleagues across MITRE, as well as with researchers from academia, industry, and other FFRDCs and government laboratories.
  • Share MITRE intellectual property with the government and license it to industry, as appropriate, to spur product introductions that meets our sponsors' needs.

Research Areas

  • Mission Focused Research

    Mission-focused Innovation Areas

    Mission-focused Innovation Areas emphasize research that could lead to transformational outcomes for our sponsors.

  • Mission Focused Research

    Core Technology Innovation Areas

    Core Technology Innovation Areas focus on fields that support a wide range of sponsors' present and future needs.