Technology Transfer

Our Technology Transfer Office (TTO) works with staff members to ensure that the benefits of their innovations reach the largest possible user base.

We freely share our innovations with a broad spectrum of government agencies. In many situations, it benefits our sponsors to make our knowledge and intellectual property more readily available to a broader audience. We do this through publications, open source contributions, and relationships with industry and other research partners.

We also transfer our technologies to commercial organizations when appropriate so that they can undertake the technical, business, and manufacturing activities necessary to bring products and services incorporating our intellectual property to market. As product development is not part of our mission, commercialization may be the only viable transfer mechanism to bring commercial products that are accessible, affordable, and supported to our sponsors.

Technology transfer provides government organizations with new capabilities. It also helps MITRE achieve its mission to advance technology and return value to the nation's economy. And it enhances U.S. competitiveness in the world market.

To discuss licensing opportunities or other technology-related issues, contact MITRE's TTO.