Our research supports a large cybersecurity work program at MITRE. We're investigating new approaches and technologies to:

  • Detect, disrupt, deceive, and deter cyber adversaries
  • Build information systems that are both trustworthy and resilient
  • Counter cyber attacks
  • Ensure efficient, effective command and control of cyberspace operations.

Our research initiatives span areas such as cyber analytics, denial and deception, network security, cloud security, mobile security, and cyber resiliency. For example, we are developing ways to deter cyber attacks by forcing cyber adversaries to move more slowly, spend more resources, and take bigger risks.

We're also pursuing two potentially game-changing innovations, which we will accelerate toward transition: Identity-Based Internet Protocol networking and advanced deception environments.

To produce more effective solutions, our researchers work in secure environments in which they can experiment and validate cyber technologies and operations in realistic contexts.