Modeling & Simulation

Sponsors use the results of our research to make decisions about what tradeoffs they can make to contain costs and still achieve the required capabilities and value.

M&S research supports a wide range of work—from systems design and acquisition, to systems operations and maintenance, to training and experimentation. One of our goals is to find ways to reduce system development time and costs through simulations, which are faster and less expensive than testing new systems in the field.

Some of our researchers are using M&S technologies to do early exploration and validation of system concepts. We first create immersive prototyping environments to help stakeholders understand proposed capabilities. We then work with developers to iteratively improve these capabilities at an early stage of concept development. By identifying issues early in the development cycle, we can reduce downstream costs and ensure stakeholder acceptance of new systems and concepts.

Our areas of M&S expertise include discrete methods, continuous methods, systems engineering of simulation-based systems, systems performance analysis, optimization, visualization, high performance computing, real-time systems, human-in-the-loop training and experimentation, multiphysics modeling, computational social sciences, and social, behavioral, and cultural modeling.

Our research in this area includes

  • Multiphysics, multiformalism modeling of operational systems in ground-surface operations, as well as in air, space, and cyberspace
  • Large-scale modeling and analysis of many platforms, functions, and/or systems
  • Interoperability of diverse modeling tools for multiple phenomenology assessment on common platforms and systems
  • Visualization and synthetic environments
  • Parallel and distributed computing for simulation to speed execution or to support real-time operations
  • Migrating M&S tools to "cloud processing" approaches to meet performance or cost objectives
  • Human/computer interaction in simulation environments
  • Advanced gaming environments.