Dr. Greg Crawford

Vice President, Joint and Services Portfolio, National Security Engineering Center

Dr. Gregory K. Crawford is the vice president for the Joint and Services Portfolio in The MITRE Corporation's National Security Engineering Center (NSEC). The NSEC is a federally funded research and development center sponsored by the Department of Defense and operated within MITRE National Security Sector (MNS). In this role, Dr. Crawford works with the DoD to align MITRE's work program with defense and intelligence priorities. He is an internationally recognized authority on space physics and solar terrestrial physics, as well as intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) sensing and exploitation.

Since joining MITRE in 2000, Dr. Crawford has served in multiple capacities.  

Prior to his current position, he was vice president of Programs and Technology within MNS, overseeing a 1,900-person staff that provides technical subject matter expertise for all of MITRE's programs and sponsors. Dr. Crawford previously directed the Electronic Systems and Technologies Technical Center, whose focus is developing transformational capabilities and identifying new applications for existing capabilities in mission-adaptive ISR, communications, and networking.

Dr. Crawford has managed numerous projects, ranging from basic research and development to system design, experimentation, and end-to-end systems engineering. He guided MITRE's research in integrated sensing, processing, and exploitation with a focus on filling sponsors' capability gaps. He also led efforts to promote ISR integration across the DoD and the Intelligence Community. As project leader and chief engineer for Space Radar Battle Management Command and Control, Dr. Crawford and his MITRE team worked closely with the Air Force’s Space Radar Integrated Program Office leadership to address a variety of enterprise-level systems engineering issues.

He also served as deputy program manager and a technical contributor on the Navy’s Littoral Surveillance and Reconnaissance System (LSRS) program. His team assisted in the system design and development of cutting-edge exploitation approaches for LSRS data. The team also developed novel enterprise systems engineering processes to support technology development, new technology transition and implementation, and performance characterization.

Dr. Crawford's acquisition experience includes the development of system specifications and performance requirements, contract negotiations, and government team oversight and verification activities. He has also participated extensively in multi-national collaborations and research efforts.

A California native, Dr. Crawford holds bachelor's degrees from California State University, Fresno, in physics and chemistry with a minor in mathematics. At the University of California Los Angeles, he earned a master's degree in geophysics and space physics and a doctoral degree in space plasma physics.