Who We Are

We have supported the FAA's mission for over 50 years and operated its FFRDC since 1990. Currently, CAASD works closely with the FAA to develop NextGen—the next-generation air transportation system. NextGen will open America's skies to continued growth and increased safety with reduced environmental impact.

Who We Are

MITRE has long served as a key partner to help government adopt technology to meet mission needs. Today's greater challenge involves rethinking business models, taking on new mission responsibilities, and evolving management and governance approaches. The CEM FFRDC—sponsored by the Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service and co-sponsored by the Department of Veterans Affairs—helps government agencies take on this challenge.

CEM collaborates with agencies and their stakeholders to transform the way they do business for the American public. As large and complex systems for revenue, tax, and benefits administration programs change, these agencies must maintain oversight of the work they do, stay within budget, and deliver effective solutions. This is particularly important when integrating new and existing systems into a seamless whole.

Our IRS sponsor permits other federal agencies to engage CEM as well. This allows us to share what we've learned across the civilian government enterprise to improve how agencies deliver services to the public. We also provide guidance to agencies such as:

CEM Mission

We serve in the public interest by applying integrated systems engineering disciplines in partnership with government and the private sector to enable the fiscal and economic stability of the nation.

Aviation Safety

We have an enduring record of accomplishment in the development of key safety projects, including:

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Who We Are

On September 2, 2010, MITRE and the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts finalized an agreement to create the Judiciary Engineering and Modernization Center, or JEMC. The organization is one of six FFRDCs that MITRE manages, and the only one that exists on behalf of the federal judiciary.

JEMC's founding marks the latest step in the partnership between MITRE and the federal judiciary. Since May 2006, we have worked with judiciary stakeholders to develop enterprise-wide solutions for upgrading their wide-area network, voice, video, and Internet services. With the creation of JEMC, our staff continues to provide objective assessments of the technical challenges the judiciary faces while analyzing the impact and risks of both available and emerging systems.

Who We Are

Achieving large-scale connected integration—of transforming the health sector into a health system—is a systems engineering challenge of enormous scale. Sponsors and clients engaged in health functions within the federal government have an unprecedented need for the kinds of systems engineering and integration expertise, organizational and cross-boundary change management, and objective, trustworthy advice provided by FFRDCs.

Global Aviation

For close to half a century, we have provided technical and engineering expertise in all aspects of aviation to civil aviation authorities, airlines, international airport authorities, and other aviation organizations to over 50 nations around the world.

Air traffic management is a global enterprise. Our work abroad helps ensure the world's aviation systems and procedures work together, wherever aircraft fly. The FAA supports this work and encourages us to employ our engineering R&D expertise to advance international harmonization goals.