Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) Training

Course Description

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) created the ASBU concept to introduce greater standardization into how aviation capabilities are implemented across the world. MITRE and CANSO—which represents air navigation service providers (ANSPs) across the globe—have teamed up to provide ANSPs and other industry partners with a comprehensive and strategic approach to using the ASBU framework in their own operational upgrade decision-making processes.

Course Overview

This five-day course consists of interactive lectures, examples, and a case study that culminates in a multi-party role-playing negotiation session. Attendees practice applying the skills and knowledge to implement ASBUs. The course provides attendees with a thorough understanding of effective implementation strategies to ensure expedient and cost-effective results.

This course:

  • Teaches participants how to conduct a needs dependency analysis to determine which capabilities to implement
  • Explains how to perform a cost-benefits analysis and write an effective business case to obtain the necessary funding to support that implementation
  • Teaches participants how to project future demand and its influences on capability selection

For details, see our Course Curriculum.

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