Government as Integrator: Improving Systems Integration Capabilities in Civil Agencies

August 2013
CEM is working with the IRS in developing new engineering and integration capabilities for the CADE2 program.

To assist agencies in achieving objectives for public service, MITRE is helping sponsors operate as their own systems integrators for key revenue, tax, and benefits administration programs. Over the last decade, these agencies have been modernizing their systems using MITRE for specialized engineering expertise and acquisition or source-selection support. As these large and complex systems evolve—especially when integrating new and legacy systems—it is challenging for agencies to oversee the work, stay within budget and schedule, and deliver effectively integrated solutions.

On several programs, we are helping sponsors succeed in the integration role, engineer better technical solutions, deliver new IT-enabled business capabilities, and implement new legislative requirements. A leading example of this greater government capability is the Internal Revenue Service.

Over the past two years, the IRS, with our assistance, put into practice new engineering and integration capabilities on the CADE2 program, which transforms the management of individual taxpayer accounts and greatly accelerates return and refund processing. As a result, the IRS has delivered initial CADE2 capabilities as planned, and the GAO recently recognized it as one of several well-run federal acquisition programs. Through efforts to enhance civilian agency systems engineering capabilities, we are helping the IRS and other agencies successfully adopt IT and effectively use taxpayer funds.


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