Megachange: Be Prepared for What's Coming Next

August 2013
Federal agencies increasingly must manage and coordinate "megachange" initiatives: complex multibillion dollar change initiatives that require interagency, intergovernmental, public-private, and/or international cooperation.
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Megachange Profiler, enables megachange leaders to adopt appropriate strategies for managing their complex megachange initiatives.

Why is megachange important? As society becomes more networked and interconnected, many of the goals shared by the public, government bodies, corporations, and other organizations can be met only through the concerted action of numerous organizational entities. Some megachange initiatives, such as reforming education and health care delivery, are inherently complex because they entail functions performed every day by myriad public and private enterprises. Other initiatives, such as homeland security and emergency planning and response, must cope with threats that can exploit the seams between organizations unless these organizations work together carefully.

The need for concerted action on a large scale is not new. There are a host of collective activities for which society has coined names, including alliances, coalitions, cooperatives, virtual enterprises, federations, interagency working groups, coordinating councils, cartels, syndicates, marketplaces, and networks.

What is new is the urgent need to manage large-scale megachange across organizations rapidly and successfully. Western civilization is ill-prepared to meet the threats of chemical, nuclear, and biological terrorism based on classic bureaucratic structures and traditional ways of doing business. We must learn from the successes and failures of past and present change initiatives involving multiple organizations.

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