Supporting Increased Small-Business Exports

August 2013
CEM assists the Small Business Administration in their efforts to facilitate small businesses' exports.
Export shipping area

To reach the ambitious goal of doubling U.S. exports over five years, the President created the cross-agency National Export Initiative, or NEI, in 2010. Small businesses are crucial to reaching this goal, but they often lack streamlined information about available opportunities. MITRE supports NEI by enabling access to the tools and processes that small-business exporters need.

The MITRE team first gathered data from 12 different government organizations involved with small-business exporters. We also conducted interviews with agency executives and technical experts as well as business owners to gain a fuller picture of the obstacles and opportunities that affect export success.

We then developed a high-level, end-to-end concept of operations that describes the business processes and approaches used by U.S. companies for exporting products and services. We also built a prototype that demonstrates the benefit of information sharing among government agencies and exporters. By integrating key information sources about opportunities, funding, and regulations, MITRE's "one-stop shopping" approach is improving the ability of U.S. small businesses to expand their export-driven revenue.


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