December 2016 Federal Big Data Summit Report

March 2017
Topics: Computing Methodologies, Government Agency Operations, Management (General)
Christine Harvey, The MITRE Corporation
Matt Mickelson, The MITRE Corporation
Ron Campbell, The MITRE Corporation
Dr. Mike Richey, The MITRE Corporation
Bob Natale, The MITRE Corporation
Dr. Haleh Vafaie, The MITRE Corporation
Tim Harvey, The Advanced Technology Academic Research Center
Tom Suder, The Advanced Technology Academic Research Center
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This white paper summarizes the discussions in the collaboration sessions and presents recommendations for government and academia while identifying orthogonal points between challenge areas. The sessions identified detailed actionable recommendations for the government and academia which are summarized below:

  • Data sharing and collaboration continues to be an important area of development. Policies need to be put in place to allow for simple data sharing and avenues for communication between agencies need to be established for easy access and aggregation of data.
  • Concerns with data governance, provenance, and reliability are often mentioned at the Big Data Summits. Organizations recognize the importance of reliable and trustworthy data and need to establish regulations to ensure the integrity of the data.
  • Big data is no longer a new field and agencies need to recognize the established benefits of working with big data. A skilled workforce is necessary to continue making progress and to enable big data to be able used as a catalyst for mission success in a variety of fields including autonomous systems, cyber security, and health care.


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