FAA Agile Acquisition Principles and Practices

June 2016
Topics: Agile Practices, Aviation Administration, Government Acquisition, Government Agency Operations
Avinash Pinto, The MITRE Corporation
Michael E. Liggan, The MITRE Corporation
Nadya K. Subowo, The MITRE Corporation
Hugh G. Goodwin, The MITRE Corporation
Siroos Sekhavat-Tafti, The MITRE Corporation
Amanda M. Staley, The MITRE Corporation
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This document represents an initial step in implementing Agile practices in FAA acquisitions, where appropriate. The identified principles and practices provide insight to FAA acquisition executives regarding implementing Agile in the FAA environment, identifying differences between Agile and traditional approaches and the prospective value of Agile. Among the considerations addressed are Agile influences on planning, requirements management, contracting, cost and effort estimation, test and evaluation, deployment, enterprise architecture, and program management. The principles and practices include the vital topic of developing an Agile culture and organization.


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