Information Privacy in the Evolving Healthcare Environment-Introduction

November 2013
Linda Koontz, The MITRE Corporation
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Information Privacy in the Evolving Healthcare Environment is a critical book for health professionals and organizations interested in how the rapidly changing U.S. healthcare landscape will affect patient privacy. The book explores the meaning of privacy, the relationship between privacy and medical ethics, the synergy that exists between information privacy and security, and the complex legal landscape governing health information privacy.

The book also tackles the most significant privacy challenges faced by the healthcare community as it seeks to transform itself and looks to the future, identifying current trends and providing a view of the changes we might expect to see as a consequence of these trends. Featuring contributions from leading health privacy experts, Information Privacy in the Evolving Healthcare Environment is written in a style that is easy to grasp for professionals across the healthcare spectrum, including physicians, health IT professionals, administrators, and policymakers.

Note: This document contains the introduction and table of contents of the full book. Read more to learn how to receive the entire book from the non-profit organization HIMSS.


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