June 2018 Federal Cloud and Data Center Summit Report

September 2018
Topics: Cloud Computing, Data Management, Computing Methodologies, Computing and Information Systems Management
Dr. Justin F. Brunelle, The MITRE Corporation
AJ Bognar, The MITRE Corporation
Vibha Dhawan, The MITRE Corporation
Dr. Nicole Gong Parrish, The MITRE Corporation
Andrew King, The MITRE Corporation
Vidyababu Kuppusamy, The MITRE Corporation
Mano Malayanur, The MITRE Corporation
Tim Harvey, The Advanced Technology Academic Research Center
Tom Suder, The Advanced Technology Academic Research Center
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The most recent installment of the Federal Cloud & Data Center Summit, held on June 13, 2018, included five MITRE-ATARC (Advanced Technology Academic Research Center) Collaboration Sessions. These collaboration sessions allowed industry, academic, government, and MITRE representatives the opportunity to collaborate and discuss challenges the government faces in cloud computing and data center modernization. The goal of these sessions is to create a forum to exchange ideas and develop recommendations to further the adoption and advancement of cloud computing and data center management techniques and best practices within the government.

Participants representing government, industry, and academia addressed five challenge areas in the federal cloud and data center domains:

  • The Next-Gen Cloud: What should we do to prepare?
  • DevSecOps: How can it help handle arising cloud security challenges?
  • Adapting Data Center Policy for Speedy Cloud Migration
  • From Cloud to Edge: Handling IoT in the cloud
  • Cloud Migration Aids: Gaps and Successes.

This white paper summarizes the discussions in the collaboration sessions and presents recommendations for government, academia, and industry while identifying intersecting points among challenge areas.


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