Key Questions for Acquisition Success

March 2013
Topics: MITRE's Systems Engineering Role
Paulette Acheson, The Aerospace Corporation
John Harrell, The Aerospace Corporation
Allyson Yarbrough, The Aerospace Corporation
Debra Basilis, The MITRE Corporation
Dr. Robert S. Swarz, The MITRE Corporation
Nadine M. Tronick, The MITRE Corporation
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This document contains a checklist of "Key Questions for Acquisition Success," herein referred to as the "Checklist." The Checklist is intended to aid those responsible for formulating and/or executing a Federal Acquisition Program in improving the program's chance of success. It provides program managers, systems engineers, and contract specialists with important reminders and associated guidance that are applicable across a range of acquisition programs—large, major acquisitions and those leveraging agile acquisition methods. The document also includes affordability, efficiency, and effectiveness best practices.


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