Leveraging the HLA and the DII COE to Build a Simulation-Based Framework for C2 System Integration Test

May 1999
Richard D. Flournoy, The MITRE Corporation
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To maintain information superiority as warfighting methods and technologies evolve, increasing quantities of time critical information must be shared between C2 systems. To meet these needs, interoperability between C2 systems must be driven to a new level. A synthetic battlespace testbed environment can facilitate this interoperability by providing a realistic context within which C2 systems can operate to refine information exchange mechanisms and processes. Existing simulations can be linked together to compose these synthetic battlespaces. Migrations to (1) the High Level Architecture (HLA) for DoD simulations and (2) the Defense Information Infrastructure (DII) Common Operating Environment (COE) for C2 systems offer opportunities to ease the composition of synthetic battlespaces and simulation-to-C2 connections. At the Electronic Systems Center (ESC), developing agency for many of the Air Force's C2 systems, a team of researchers is evaluating options for COE-based systems interoperability with HLA-compliant simulations within a framework to support C2 system integration and testing. This paper presents the vision for this framework and lessons learned from prototyping efforts to date.


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