Managing Research Projects: Beyond Cost and Schedule

December 2016
Topics: Federal Transition, Presidential Transition, Government Transition
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Federal management of research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) projects predominantly focuses on tracking budget and timelines. While important, these two measures are insufficient for ensuring the successful completion and transition of research gains into follow-on operational usage. A multi-dimensional framework that manages the execution and technical readiness of a project, as well as customer commitment, is required to ensure a project’s ultimate success.

Note: Transition of power after a Presidential election is complicated; preparing the federal government for a seamless shift to a new administration is crucial to continuing important work on behalf of the American people. MITRE will inform this transition by sharing our insights and experiences with those involved in transition planning and with leaders in the next administration. Our recommendations derive from the ongoing, practical guidance we provide our federal agency sponsors as they face critical national challenges.

This paper is part of a collection provided to our government sponsors; it supports MITRE’s focus on assisting new administration and career civil service leaders through the transition and beyond to achieve results that matter. To see all the papers in the collection, use the "Federal Transition" link in Topics, above.


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