Mobile Assets for Collecting Weather Information—The Aviation Example

September 2020
Topics: Aviation and Aeronautics
Dr. Thomas A. Becher, The MITRE Corporation
Matt Fronzak, The MITRE Corporation
Mike Robinson, The MITRE Corporation
Matthias Steiner, National Center for Atmospheric Research
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What if every vehicle operating in the National Airspace System was required to sense and report in situ weather information? How much would that improve the very weather forecasts on which they depend, in addition to those that affect society as a whole? Would this type of “self-help” enable Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) operators to conduct safe and effective operations in challenging weather conditions?

These and other related questions are explored in a joint MITRE/NCAR white paper that was delivered to the 20th Aviation, Range and Aerospace Meteorology Conference, part of the 100th Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society, in Boston in early 2020. The paper was also included in the September issue of Meteorological Technology International.


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