NAS-Wide Performance: Impact of Select Uncertainty Factors and Implications for Experimental Design

February 2012
Topics: Air Traffic Management, Airports, Modeling and Simulation, Improving National Airspace System Performance
Gareth O. Coville, The MITRE Corporation
William A. Baden Jr., The MITRE Corporation
Dr. Stéphane L. Mondoloni Ph.D., Associate Fellow AIAA, The MITRE Corporation
Seli Agbolosu-Amison Ph.D., member AIAA, The MITRE Corporation
David C. Millner, The MITRE Corporation
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The objectives of this report are to: Determine the combinations of design days and sample runs per day required to achieve convergence of NAS-wide results within a specified level of accuracy. Identify the impact that intra-day perturbations and fidelity of select input data have on NAS-wide simulation results.


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