Overview of Nanoelectronic Devices

November 1997
David Goldhaber-Gordon, The MITRE Corporation
Michael S. Montemerlo, The MITRE Corporation
J. Christopher Love, The MITRE Corporation
Gregory J. Opiteck, The MITRE Corporation
James C. Ellenbogen, The MITRE Corporation
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This paper provides an overview of research developments toward nanometer-scale electronic switching devices for use in building ultra-densely integrated electronic computers. Specifically, two classes of alternatives to the field-effect transistor are considered: (1) quantum-effect and single-electron solid-state devices and (2) molecular electronic devices. A taxonomy of devices in each class is provided, operational principles are described and compared for the various types of devices, and the literature about each is surveyed. This information is presented in non-mathematical terms intended for a general, technically interested readership.


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