Overview of the ASC System Performance Measurement Project

November 1997
William R. Voss, Federal Aviation Administration
Jonathan Hoffman, The MITRE Corporation
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The FAA Office of System Capacity is leading an effort to quantify the performance of the National (USA) Airspace System in terms of its impact on users of the airspace. In coordination with airspace users, these impacts are currently defined in four classes of performance indicators: Flexibility, the ability of the system to respond to changing user needs; Predictability, the variance in the system as experienced by the user; Access, the ability of users to enter the system and obtain services on demand; and Delay, the amount of time over the optimum that it takes to complete an operation. Twenty performance indicators currently exist in these categories, of which many have been quantified into one or more performance metrics. This paper presents results of an initial baseline derived from current operational data and outlines a framework for including these measures of performance in future FAA decisions.


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