Partnering With Industry

November 2016
Topics: Government Agency Operations, Software Engineering, Management
Dr. Angela O'Hanlon, The MITRE Corporation
Dr. Ransom K. Winder, The MITRE Corporation
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Fostering the exchange of technical knowledge and industry collaboration are key values in MITRE's culture; connecting a significant market segment or industry is of high value to our government sponsors. To cultivate successful collaboration and partnerships between MITRE, government, and industry requires an atmosphere primed for interaction and engagement, an appropriate business model, and a leader to serve as a catalyst to accelerate and facilitate opportunities for all parties. This paper discusses the early stages of unification of and engagement of the analysis and analytic marketplace. The resulting work and activity has ultimately resulted in an industry roundtable. The activity shaped over time, with many companies, organizations, and individuals across a sequence of projects and efforts driven to encourage industry collaboration and alliance.

This paper details the history of how the Analytic Technology Industry Roundtable was shaped over a few years. The paper discusses the Roundtable's inaugural year and its mission statement, charter, and accomplishments. More importantly, the paper discusses how the roundtable formed and why the group is successful. It should be noted that this group focuses on partnerships and relationships. While the definition of partnerships and respective business motivators may have been slightly different for the mentioned parties, each party considers innovation and technological advancement to be the ultimate motivators for collaboration and partnership.

MITRE's Analysis Tool Shed (ATS) Lab Program, government, and industry have had years long partnerships that have been mutually beneficial to all parties. This work has included engagements that reinforce various sponsor missions and facilitate industry to provide greater support to government missions; by understanding needs and requirements, industry is able to build better solutions that their customers buy. Ultimately the lab facilitated the Roundtable through our engagement with industry partners. MITRE, government, and industry have all recognized the changing state of the industry and noted the mutual benefit of increased collaboration and interoperability. While such a group may have eventually and organically emerged, MITRE saw the need for fostering a roundtable with our industry partners to accelerate the process.


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