Presentation: Assessing Geocoding Solutions

September 2014
Topics: Geographic Information Systems, Signal Processing, Emergency Management, Emergency Preparedness and Response
Carrie Muenks, The MITRE Corporation
Chris Lawrence, The MITRE Corporation
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Geospatial analytics, technologies, and solutions are a core area of MITRE expertise. As part of our support to DHS, staff from HSSEDI have performed an independent assessment of geocoding software tools. Our team evaluated different geocoding solutions to see if they met the requirements and mission needs of DHS and its individual Components.

By applying deep analytics to nearly 40 systems—some currently used by DHS or other federal agencies, some not—we were able to develop a framework for system selection that supports the acquisition of this vital capability. The authors presented this methodology at a national conference as part of MITRE's overall knowledge-sharing mission. This presentation discusses their work.


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