Service-Oriented Views in UPDM

January 2014
Topics: Architectures (General), Data (General), Computer-Communication-Networks
Dr. Fatma Dandashi, The MITRE Corporation
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This paper provides guidance on how to use the Unified Profile for the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) and Ministry of Defence Architecture Framework (MODAF)(UPDM) to describe a set of Service-Oriented viewpoints and associated views. Systems development is moving towards a dynamic producer/consumer environment where components are developed once, deployed to the cloud, and offered for reuse by authorized users. A service-oriented approach to architecture leads to an environment where third party-deployed components can be leveraged and reused through the flexible connectivity of applications implemented as services. Such services have well-defined, platform-independent specifications that hide the underlying technical complexity of the implementation (encapsulation), are self-contained (loosely coupled), and reusable. Creating a platform-independent architecture description as a first step ahead of developing the systems views (which are platform-specific) supports reuse and interoperability. UPDM supports describing such an architecture.


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