SPICE-Compatible Compact Model for Graphene Field-Effect Transistors

July 2012
Topics: Nanoelectronics, Semiconductor Technology
Michael B. Henry, The MITRE Corporation
Shamik Das, The MITRE Corporation
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This paper presents a compact device model for graphene field-effect transistors. This model extends prior iterative models (due to Meric et al. and Thiele et al.) in two ways. First, the model is given as a closed-form expression that is more computationally efficient. Second, it is valid for devices based upon either monolayer graphene or bilayer graphene. Simulations demonstrate that this model agrees closely with experimental data. Furthermore, the efficiency of this model enables the design and analysis of logic circuits composed of multiple graphene devices. Example simulation results are provided that demonstrate the potential for graphene-based circuit speeds five times that of circuits based upon 32-nm silicon technology.


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