The Evaluation of Database Web Servers for the RCAS Environment

November 1997
M. Cassandra Smith, The MITRE Corporation
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This paper presents a plan for evaluating database web servers for use in the Reserve Component Automation System (RCAS) environment for integration and interoperability. Integration and interoperability must be planned between the RCAS integrated database and external databases, which exchange data with it. It must also be planned between the users (or units) at the sites and the integrated database. The purpose of a database web server would be to provide easy-to-use access to RCAS information via the RCAS intranet using a web browser on a user's desktop. The user would point and click to request information. The location, platform, database management system (DBMS) [e.g., Sybase or Oracle], and manner of data distribution would be transparent to the user. The plan described herein focuses on a set of criteria for performing hands-on evaluation of selected database web servers.


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