The Role of a Framework of Legal Instruments in the Establishment of Effective International Regional Cyber Information Sharing

October 2012
Topics: Computer Security, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Network Security
Michael A. Aisenberg, The MITRE Corporation
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This report provides advice and direction to support the development of organizations, and capabilities within organizations for the collection and sharing of Cyber Information, especially information about threats, risks, vulnerabilities, attacks, as well as defenses to service disruptions, intrusions and other exploits against electronic information networks and other network-supported critical infrastructures.

The purpose of Cyber Information Sharing is to enable timely access to actionable information about ongoing cyber attacks, to permit present and potential targets to defend against and recover from exploits lodged against their critical networks.

The material addresses the initial phases of development of International Regional Cyber Information Sharing entities, and highlights key decisions which organizers face on the nature of the Information Sharing entity, associated necessary legal framework instruments, and their utility for particular aspects of an organization's expected activities.

The report provides specific guidance to organizers—nations and other sponsoring parties—in the selection of an operating form for the Cyber Information Sharing entity, and provides a basis for decisions regarding the appropriate legal framework instruments to employ and the essential contents of those instruments, summarizing the characteristics and benefits of the various available instruments.


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