Third Annual Secure and Resilient Cyber Architectures Workshop

December 2013
Topics: Resiliency
Rosalie McQuaid, The MITRE Corporation
Chris Eliopoulos Alicea, The MITRE Corporation
William J. Heinbockel, The MITRE Corporation
Deborah J. Bodeau, The MITRE Corporation
Richard D. Graubart, The MITRE Corporation
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This report presents the results of the discussions and follow-on interactions the workshop's topical tracks—Using a Risk-based Approach to Select and Apply Cyber Resiliency Techniques, Impacting Planned Architectures for the Future, and Advancing Cyber Resiliency Through Active and Adaptive Response. The report captures the points that participants considered the most salient portions of the discussion, items of consensus, questions raised during the discussions, and comments on next steps.


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