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August 2022
MITRE Grand Challenges Power Hour: Growing and Safeguarding the Bioeconomy

Over the last decade, technologies that enable the use of biology to address a broad range of industrial applications have accelerated from basic academic research to full scale industrial manufacturing, impacting human health, agriculture, and the environment. Join us as we explore key questions about growing the bioeconomy and ensuring the U.S. maintains its leadership in biotechnology.

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Previous Events

April 14, 2022—MITRE Grand Challenges Power Hour: Powering the World—Accelerating and Securing Microelectronics Technology and Manufacturing
Microelectronics technology powers the world–from our smartphones to our automobiles, to the power grid, and national defense systems. Panelists discuss accelerating our microelectronics research and manufacturing capabilities, workforce development, and securing our microelectronics components and systems.

March 17, 2022—MITRE Grand Challenges Power Hour: A Call to Action—Developing a National Strategy for Web3
The third generation of the World Wide Web, known as Web3, brings an entirely new technology stack built on blockchain. This compounds an already complex regulatory ecosystem, blurring the lines between telecommunications and finance. Policy and industry experts discuss the national security, economic and social implications.

February 17, 2022—MITRE Grand Challenges Power Hour: The Possibilities of ORAN and Opening New Markets
As 5G deployment continues in 2022 and beyond, Open Radio Access Network (ORAN) has the potential to enable and accelerate new revenue opportunities. An in-depth discussion with leaders from industry and government.

January 28, 2022—MITRE Grand Challenges Power Hour: The State of a National Data Privacy Law—A Digital Privacy Perspective
To mark international Data Privacy Day, MITRE convened thought leaders in government and industry to explore the questions—Should there be a national privacy law? And what can we learn from the experiences of our global partners? Featuring a keynote address by Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA).

January 13, 2022—MITRE Grand Challenges Power Hour: Monitoring Water, Air, and Earth—Remote Sensing in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Remote sensing technology gives us a new window on our water, air, and earth. A discussion of comprehensive and scalable solutions for climate action focusing on methane detection, water quality monitoring, and digital agriculture.

December 2, 2021—Competition in the Pacific
The U.S., China, missile defense and technology. An in-depth examination of regional security dynamics in the Pacific featuring Vice Admiral Jon Hill of the Missile Defense Agency, MITRE’s Keoki Jackson, and a group of expert panelists. Co-sponsored by MITRE’s Center for Data-Driven Policy and the Aerospace Corporation’s Center for Space Policy and Strategy.

November 18, 2021—MITRE Grand Challenges Power Hour: A BlueTech Approach to Climate, Economic, and National Security
A discussion of questions related to climate science, and our nation’s economic and national security. Keynote address by Dr. Bob Ballard, Professor of Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island—a retired Navy officer who is best known for discovering the wreck of the Titanic on the ocean floor.

September 30, 2021—Achieving Equity through Data-Driven Policy: Advancing DEIA in the Federal Workforce
Furthering diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in the workforce. Co-hosted by MITRE’s Social Justice Platform; Inclusion, Diversity, & Social Innovation division; and Center for Data-Driven Policy. Featuring Kimberlyn Leary and K. Sabeel Rahman of OMB and Ruynard Singleton from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

September 15, 2021—Long-Range Strike: The One Capability to Rule Them All…Fact vs. Myth
U.S. Defense spending is projected to plateau in the coming years while national security challenges continue to multiply. The U.S. and its allies continue to tout long-range strike capabilities which may provide a solution to prevailing in increasingly contested environments. A discussion co-hosted by MITRE’s  Center for Data-Driven Policy, Janes, and Pallas Advisors.

August 20, 2021Let's TalkTech with the Northern Virginia Technology Council and MITRE
Artificial Intelligence. 5G. Cybersecurity. With rapid technological change, how do federal policymakers best develop, analyze, and implement policies? MITRE launched its Center for Data-Driven Policy last fall to bring evidence-based, nonpartisan insights to policymaking. Dave Powner, executive director of the Center, explains its mission and how it can serve as a resource for the government, universities, and think tanks.

June 24, 2021Achieving Equity Through Data-Driven Policy: Moving Agencies Towards Equitable Practices
The Center for Data-Driven Policy teamed up with MITRE's Social Justice Platform for a robust panel discussion on human-centric design, systems thinking, and data best practices that are needed to drive equitable outcomes at federal agencies.

June 21, 2021The Future of Federal IT: An Outlook from Congress and the Administration
Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) was the keynote speaker for a discussion of legacy modernization, Technology Modernization Fund, and other legislative priorities. Panelists included Maria Roat, deputy federal CIO; and Dave Zvenyach of GSA. Moderated by Dave Powner, Executive Director, MITRE’s Center for Data-Driven Policy.

April 8, 2021MITRE Grand Challenges Power Hour: Advancing Fairness in AI Adoption
A discussion about the challenges and opportunities that increasing use of artificial intelligence and machine learning present to establishing confidence in the preservation of privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties, with a focus on audit and oversight. 

February 18, 2021Secure and Transparent Elections: Looking Towards the Future
MITRE's Center for Data-Driven Policy convened experts from federal and state government, industry and academia for a February 2021 conference on election integrity.

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