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October 14, 2021MITRE Grand Challenges Power Hour: Launching an “Apollo Mission” for US Biopreparedness

Join us for an discussion of how to improve U.S. biopreparedness, examining issues that policymakers are considering related to the ongoing COVID-19 response and preparedness for the next biological threat. Featuring Mike Leavitt, former HHS Secretary, EPA Administrator, and Utah Governor. With MITRE’s Beth Meinert, director for the Center for Enterprise Modernization, and Jay Schnitzer, MITRE chief medical and chief technology officer.

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Previous Events

September 30, 2021—Achieving Equity through Data-Driven Policy: Advancing DEIA in the Federal Workforce
Furthering diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in the workforce. Co-hosted by MITRE’s Social Justice Platform; Inclusion, Diversity, & Social Innovation division; and Center for Data-Driven Policy. Featuring Kimberlyn Leary and K. Sabeel Rahman of OMB and Ruynard Singleton from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

September 23, 2021—MITRE Grand Challenges Power Hour: Preserving the Space Domain
Space is getting crowded. Dozens of satellites were launched this year. Thousands more are already in orbit, with tens of thousands of pieces of space debris floating around unchecked. MITRE Labs and the Center for Data-Driven Policy convened government and industry partners to discuss the complex technical aspects of space operations and solutions for space traffic management.

September 15, 2021—Long-Range Strike: The One Capability to Rule Them All…Fact vs. Myth
U.S. Defense spending is projected to plateau in the coming years while national security challenges continue to multiply. The U.S. and its allies continue to tout long-range strike capabilities which may provide a solution to prevailing in increasingly contested environments. A discussion co-hosted by MITRE’s  Center for Data-Driven Policy, Janes, and Pallas Advisors.

August 20, 2021Let's TalkTech with the Northern Virginia Technology Council and MITRE
Artificial Intelligence. 5G. Cybersecurity. With rapid technological change, how do federal policymakers best develop, analyze, and implement policies? MITRE launched its Center for Data-Driven Policy last fall to bring evidence-based, nonpartisan insights to policymaking. Dave Powner, executive director of the Center, explains its mission and how it can serve as a resource for the government, universities, and think tanks.

August 5, 2021—MITRE Grand Challenges Power Hour:  A Call to Action—A National Strategy for Digital Health
Creating a digital health ecosystem that delivers timely access to information is essential in informing public health decision-making and empowering individuals to make the rights choices. Featuring Dr. John Noseworthy, President and CEO Emeritus, Mayo Clinic; and Dr. Jonathan Woodson, Director of Boston University's Institute for Health System Innovation and Policy.

July 22, 2021—MITRE Grand Challenges Power Hour: Non-State Actor Threats to Critical Infrastructure
Protecting our critical infrastructure from malicious attacks is essential as, more and more, non-state actors use ransomware threats to imperil our economic security. Featuring Craig Wiener, Ph.D., MITRE Technical Fellow, and Bill Fehrman, President and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Energy, with a panel of industry, academic, and government experts.

June 24, 2021Achieving Equity Through Data-Driven Policy: Moving Agencies Towards Equitable Practices
The Center for Data-Driven Policy teamed up with MITRE's Social Justice Platform for a robust panel discussion on human-centric design, systems thinking, and data best practices that are needed to drive equitable outcomes at federal agencies.

June 21, 2021The Future of Federal IT: An Outlook from Congress and the Administration
Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) was the keynote speaker for a discussion of legacy modernization, Technology Modernization Fund, and other legislative priorities. Panelists included Maria Roat, deputy federal CIO; and Dave Zvenyach of GSA. Moderated by Dave Powner, Executive Director, MITRE’s Center for Data-Driven Policy.

May 13, 2021—MITRE Grand Challenges Power Hour: Charting New Horizons—A 21st Century Approach to S&T
The nation is at a potential inflection point in how we tackle our most critical science and technology issues. Our response over the past year as we addressed COVID-19 highlights how innovative collaboration and steadfast national focus on priority issues can lead to advancements on scales previously unimaginable.

April 8, 2021MITRE Grand Challenges Power Hour: Advancing Fairness in AI Adoption
A discussion about the challenges and opportunities that increasing use of artificial intelligence and machine learning present to establishing confidence in the preservation of privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties, with a focus on audit and oversight. 

March 30, 2021Panel Discussion on the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) Final Report
A discussion of the final report of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) with some of those who helped shape its recommendations, including NSCAI Executive Director Ylli Bajraktari and MITRE’s top artificial intelligence subject matter experts.

March 18, 2021MITRE Grand Challenges Power Hour: The Future of the Internet and 6G
As 5G networks are being deployed around the world, the prep work for 6G is underway, raising questions of what 6G will mean for our country and the future of telecommunications.

Mar 5, 2021Secure and Transparent Elections: Looking Towards the Future
MITRE's Center for Data-Driven Policy convened experts from federal and state government, industry and academia for a February 2021 conference on election integrity.

February 19, 2021MITRE Grand Challenges Power Hour: Stopping IP Theft by China
Whether through sophisticated remote cyber intrusion, talent recruitment programs, or foreign influence campaigns, theft of American IP, particularly within China, currently costs the US economy over $300 billion a year.

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