Algebraic Transform Machine

The computing machine includes an array of programmable elements programmably interconnected to implement networks of algebraic functions. Each element provides a sufficient set of logic primitives in the algebra that may be a Boolean algebra. The elements and the interelement wiring support the communications requirements of large classes of problems and preferably of all problems. The algebraic transform machine offers highly concurrent operations but avoids many of the programming difficulties of existing concurrent systems. The machine is regular in structure, it extends to large size and capability, and operates at high speed. In one embodiment, the machine consists of a grid of segments and each segment holds the value (true or false) of a Boolean variable. Crossing segments do not connect directly but the value on one wire segment can effect the value on another. The effect of one segment on another is programmable. An individual element or cell of the algebraic transform machine consists of one crossing and the circuitry associated with that crossing.

Patent #: 5056053 Issue Date: October 8, 1991