Decomposing human behavior into quantified layers of perception

A method, computer program product, and system are provided for decomposing human behavior into quantifiable layers of perception. The method for decomposing human behavior into quantifiable layers of perception may be referred to as "DAP-E," which is an acronym representative of four main phases of the method. Theses phases include the following: decompose; aggregate; propagate; and, evaluate. For example, an embodiment of the method may include aggregating one or more outputs from one or more behavioral models to represent a statistically significant conclusion and propagating the conclusion across a social network to allow opinions of a first entity within the social network to influence a conclusion of a second entity. A token passing behavior algorithm may be used to weigh an opinion of an entity receiving a token when propagating the conclusion across the social network.

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Patent #: 8069133 Issue Date: November 29, 2011