Dynamic rule-based distributed network operation for wireless sensor networks

Wireless sensor networks consisting of large numbers of inexpensive and energy-constrained devices are an emerging area of networking research. Wireless sensor networks are expected to find a wide range of applications including target tracking, habitat monitoring, and disaster relief. Due to the severely constrained network resources that characterize the majority of wireless sensor networks, efficient data dissemination represents a major challenge in the design of self-configurable wireless sensor networks that can be sustained for lifetimes useful for their intended applications. This invention provides a methods and system for smart data processing and dissemination in wireless sensor networks. In one aspect, the present invention provides dynamic and independent data processing and dissemination at individual sensor nodes in a wireless sensor network. In another aspect, the present invention provides data processing and/or dissemination methods at a sensor node that are responsive to, among other parameters, network traffic conditions, network connectivity conditions, conditions at the sensor node, and the data characteristics and QOS (Quality of Service) requirements of the data being processed and/or disseminated. In yet another aspect, data processing and/or dissemination rules according to the present invention are easily configurable and modifiable depending on the specific sensor networking application.

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Patent #: 8,892,704 Issue Date: November 18, 2014