Integrated Enclosure and Adjustable Electronic Equipment Mounting System

A light-weight, integrated enclosure and full-adjustable mounting and support system for transport and use of mobile electronic equipment in the field. A curved upper shell and flat base of sandwich panel construction are connected by reinforced plastic members to form a lightweight enclosure which can be mounted on a truck for transport. The fully adjustable mounting and support system includes rails mounted within the enclosure on which a series of frame elements are horizontally movable to accommodate electronic equipment of varying widths between the frame elements. The frame elements are also lightweight extrusions and include an elastomeric pad engaged in a vertical channel to provide infinite vertical adjustability in mounting the equipment to the frames. The enclosure is shaped for efficiently housing the equipment, reducing aerodynamic drag, and providing superior structural strength and stiffness. A conductive coating or screen may be applied to the enclosure to provide electromagnetic interference protection. An improved button fastener for attaching the structural members to the sandwich panel enclosure is also provided.

Patent #: 4974377 Issue Date: December 4, 1990