Method and apparatus for dynamically establishing and joining an encrypted collaborative communication session

This invention allows multiple users with wireless and fixed devices to collaborate over a network and dynamically join an encrypted session. Traditionally, as is the practice on the telephony circuit switched communications model, when multiple users participate in a voice conference over the Internet that uses land lines, a conference bridge relays the communications among the parties. For secure communications, encryption keys also need to be placed. However, capabilities such as Internet Protocol (IP) multicasting, available on the Internet and private IP-based networks, can’t be used with secure communications. This is because the Internet multicasting architecture didn’t incorporate security, and current standards remain incomplete with respect to security over multicast communications. The invention can be used, for example, in fixed or mobile ad hoc networks and can enable secure dynamic multicast sessions across the U.S. government Global Information Grid to the tactical edge. Network usage for group communications can be reduced, as conference bridges do not have to be used.

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Patent #: 8,885,830 Issue Date: November 11, 2014