Method for displaying vehicle arrival management information

A method for displaying vehicle arrival management information is provided by display. Display includes an arrival slot display area which is bounded by a relative time scale defining a Y axis and an actual time scale defining an X axis. A multiplicity of symbols representing arrival slots extends from the origin of the display. When used in an aircraft arrival management application, symbols represent aircraft in flight, and symbols represent aircraft still on the ground and whose flight plan is proposed. Those symbols are located on the display at the appropriate estimated arrival time, assigned slot time coordinates corresponding with a respective arrival time slot represented by a respective arrival slot symbol. To further aid in controlling the arrival traffic, each of the in-flight aircraft symbols for aircraft associated with the user includes an ETA envelope associated with the in-flight aircraft symbol, the symbol being located at coordinates which represent the estimated ETA and slot assignment of the aircraft. Aircraft which have been assigned to an arrival slot, but which have not yet taken off, are indicated by a symbol which is located at coordinates representing the estimated ETA and slot assignment for that flight.

Patent #: 6049754 Issue Date: April 11, 2000