Method for issuing adaptive ground delays to air traffic

A closed feedback system for issuing ground delays in air traffic control is disclosed, whereby the demand of arriving air traffic is constantly monitored and the ground delays are adjusted in real time to account for the demand that has not materialized. The departure messages from air traffic control centers are continuously monitored to determine if flights are departing on time. If a flight does not depart within a specified time interval, it is considered cancelled or delayed due to company reasons and the arrival slot is assigned to a flight that can use that slot. The slot vacated by the reassigned flight is assigned to another flight and so forth until all slots are filled. Provision is made for airlines to inform air traffic control of company delays and cancellations so that departure times can be assigned that the flight can meet. This scheme significantly improves the efficiency of operation and reduces the possibility of flights being given ground delays when the capacity at the airport is not fully utilized.

Patent #: 5265023 Issue Date: November 23, 1993